Molly – 4 year old female Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier

Molly is a 4 year old female Chihuahua cross Jack Russel Terrier. Molly is wonderful in so many ways. In the house she is fantastic, she is calm but always happy to see you, she is clean in the house and tells you when she needs to go outside. Molly is used to sleeping and eating in her crate and was trained to be happy in there for short periods by her previous owners. She sees her crate as her little sanctuary so this will come with her to her new home. She will often retreat to her crate when she wants a snooze, she enjoys time both on your lap and alone so is happy to be left in the house while her new owners go out.

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Molly is fostered with two other dogs and is happy and playful with them. She is happy to share most things with her foster brother and they often play a game with the food in her bowl. She loves to play with toys and will often demand a game of tug of war in the evening. On walks Molly is friendly and happy to be outside. She is lovely to walk as she is very good off of the lead and will happily totter along next to you. She often plays with her huge Lurcher friend on walks and is happy to make new friends of any size after she gets used to them.

When Molly first came in to foster she was quite nervous of new people and situations. In a matter of a few days she was relaxed and happy, she can take a few moments to sus people out before she approaches them but once she is comfortable she is all yours for a tummy rub! Molly does have a habit of guarding items. This is something that her foster home have been working with and have seen great improvement. We do believe that with perseverance and understanding this could be made in to an old habit of Molly’s but for this reason she cannot be re-homed with children. This is something that on application Molly’s foster careers will discuss in more detail and we will be looking for a home that are happy to continue her training.

Molly is a wonderful loving dog, she deserves a new home where she will be walked, cuddled, and treasured for the rest of her life. She is spayed, vaccinated and ready for re-homing now.

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Lea Valley Dog Rescue

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