Molly – 10 year old female Chihuahua Cross

This is lovely Molly. Molly is a Chihuahua cross and is approximately ten years old. She weighs 7kg, although she should ideally be about 5kg, so needs to be exercised regularly and kept on a strict diet to help her shed the pounds! She is very fit and enjoys her walks, she currently gets 3 half an hour walks per day, though she would be fine with one longer walk. She also loves to potter in the garden. Molly walks beautifully on the lead, she hasn’t been tested off the lead but in the garden she will come when whistled and knows her name. She has very soft, glossy mid-length hair. She is happy to be brushed, and will let you dry her feet if you are gentle.

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She loves to be stroked and likes nothing more than to cuddle up to you on the sofa, though if she is moved unexpectedly she may growl as she doesn’t like to be surprised. She growled once when a large male neighbour she didn’t know reached into the car to stroke her unexpectedly. Molly loves to go in the car and enjoys looking out of the window, she is happy to be lifted gently in and out the boot, or jump in herself to the passenger seat!

Molly is incredibly affectionate to humans, but is fearful of other dogs approaching her inside the house. She will growl and may snap, so Molly would like to be an only dog. She is generally good with other dogs on walks, though she can be unpredictable and may growl one day, but on another day be unfazed by dogs of all sizes running up to her.

Molly is nervous of small children, so would like to live in a house with grown-ups only. This very loving little lady is fully house trained, and will give a little bark if she needs to go out. She currently sleeps in the kitchen at night and so far has slept through each night without a peep! Molly is a really lovely little dog who will make a fantastic companion for someone who is willing to work with her on her confidence and give her the time she needs to adjust to her new life. Molly is spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped.

Molly is being fostered in Welwyn Garden City. We are looking to re-home her within the North London or home counties area as a home check will be done.

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