Molly – 2 year old female Retriever cross Beagle

Molly is a 2 year old female Retriever cross Beagle. Molly is a Chesepeake Bay Retriever cross Beagle of just 2 years old. She is 100% big dog on the inside although a similar size to a Beagle on the outside. With the Chesapeake influence being strongest, she will become the most loyal and best friend you could ever have. You will never be bored or lonely with this girl by your side. You wont get a better confidant either. Her previous owner has had to give her up because their energy levels didnt match. They were more suited to a dog from toys r us! The sort that doesnt need a walk.

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She is super friendly, but also a good house dog, she is pretty obedient, has a good recall off lead, but does tend to pull like a tank on lead especially if walked on a collar rather than a harness. She is a good traveler, clean and has not been destructive indoors. However she can be very boisterous, especially if waiting for her walk. She loves water and her Chesepeake Bay Retriever heritage shows very much when running around with other dogs who also enjoy a swim.

Molly can be left for short periods, but really prefers to be involved with her people rather than home alone. She would be ideal for an active retired person or couple, who would enjoy putting the fine polish on her manners, or a family with older children, keen to have a dog that they can all have fun with. She is good with younger kids, but if they wind her up with excited racing about and squealing she turns into A.A Milnes Tigger!

Note: it goes without saying that ALL dogs should be supervised around children, and ALL children should be taught how to behave with and around dogs. Tail pulling, poking, sitiing on or climbing on dogs is NEVER acceptable behaviour.

Molly is living the dream with Fionna at the Sanctuary near Kidwelly, South Wales, whist she waits for her perfect family.

We will require you to complete our pre-adoption questionnaire before we can proceed. All applicants will be vetted, & will need to be able to travel to the Sanctuary near Kidwelly, South Wales.

Lizzies Barn Animal Sanctuary Carmarthenshire

Lizzies Barn Animal Sanctuary Carmarthenshire

For further details regarding available dogs from Lizzies Barn, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, please contact Fionna at or call 07976 538588 All potential homes will be vetted and a set donation is payable upon adoption. All dogs will have been assessed and vet checked and, unless advised otherwise, will have been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped etc prior to adoption. Potential adopters are expected to travel to Lizzies Barn to meet/collect their chosen dog.
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