Mylo – 3 year old male English Cocker Springer cross Poodle

Mylo is a 3 year old male English Cocker Springer cross Poodle. He is very bouncy and full of energy but is the most loyal and cuddly dog. He is never far away from you and is constantly bringing balls and sticks to you to play with him. He loves to retrieve anything and will drop on command most of the time. Mylo has a really good level of training. He certainly knows all the basics sit, stay, down, come etc and he is really keen to learn new things. I’d say he’s one of the most intelligent dogs I’ve met. He really wants to please his human and just seems to know what you mean when you tell him to do something.

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Mylo is not great around other dogs. He is aggressive towards new dogs he meets and although he is quite vocal about it, he never hurts them. Once he’s put them in their place he can live happily with them so long as they don’t go near his toys or his food. Mylo needs a home with an experienced dog owner. He is not a first dog. Ideally the only dog in the household because of his guarding issues. He needs a confident owner who won’t take any nonsense but equally he responds best to positive reinforcement. He looks to his owner for reassurance and confidence in new situations.

Mylo needs lots of exercise and would excel in any training discipline. Flyball, canicross, agility – he would be fab. He’s the type of dog that is always by your side, doesn’t run off and just wants to be with you but not in an unhealthy way. Mylo can be left on his own for up to 4 hours without causing any problems but he would much rather come with you if he had the chance. I don’t know what he is like around cats but he will chase and bark at horses. He’s easily distracted by a stick or a command asking him to do something else instead. Not suitable for a home with children because of his guarding.

Mylo is neutered, vaccinated, chipped, ewormed and flead and he is in foster in Hampshire. Adoption subject to meet and greet, homecheck and adoption donation of £200. Applications via forms section of website pls.

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