Myrtle – 7 week old female French Bulldog

Myrtle is a 7 week old female French Bulldog. Myrtle is a beautiful little girl who will be looking for a special home. She was born with a deformed front leg, this does not bother her at all and will be removed prior to her being re homed. She has been seen by vets and nothing can be done to save the leg. It will be better for her to have it removed so this will be done when she is a little bit older, approx 10-12 weeks. Once she has fully recovered she will be looking for her forever home. Myrtle would like new owners who are around for most of the day, she is a young puppy so will need owners who have the time and patience to dedicate to her training. She is a puppy, she will pooh, she will pee, she will of course chew things if you leave them in her way. Myrtle has sharp teeth and yep you guessed it she will at some point nip you in play. She is adorable, she looks wonderful but please consider her needs and only apply if you can meet them fully.

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Myrtle needs owners who can commit to possibly the next 15 years. Having a front leg removed is always a little harder on dogs than having a back leg removed, her new owners will need to ensure she is kept a little underweight to protect her remaining leg and ensure she does not put too much pressure on it. Limiting her coming down stairs will also help maintain her remaining legs health. Myrtle loves other dogs so a home with another dog would be great but is not essential.

Myrtle can be homed with older sensible teenagers who will take care to ensure they don’t accidentally stand on her or damage her leg. As she is so tiny small children could easily fall or trip over her and injure her. She will need to be neutered at the correct age as part of her Adoption Agreement. She will be vaccinated, micro chipped and up to date with flea and worming treatment. She is currently on foster in Aldershot Hampshire.

*Update January 2018*

Apologies to all who have applied for Myrtle, she has really been through the mill bless her. She coped really well with her surgery to remove her leg and quite literally bounced back the very next day. Her balance and movement are great, she plays well with the other pups and is fully able to get in and out of the back door for toileting so all good. She has unfortunately managed to catch Kennel Cough from Elf and is feeling rather sorry for herself at the moment. We cannot re home Myrtle until she is fully clear of kennel cough which is normally a 21 day clear period. Kennel cough can also re surface when dogs are in stressful situations like moving to their new home. To try and minimise this happening we want to ensure she is fully recovered and fit before we allow her to go to her new home.

We appreciate that this is frustrating for all who have applied but we need to ensure Myrtle is fit before we re home her. We will be looking at all applications over the next week to try and have a home vetted and waiting for her as soon as she is well enough to be re homed. If you have applied but have not heard from us by 10 Jan 2018 then your application will not have been successful. This is not because you have not got a suitable home, it really is because Myrtle has been inundated with so very many great home offers that we are lucky enough to be able to choose a home meeting her needs fully. With so many applicants there are always going to be lots of disappointed people, if unsuccessful please consider another rescue dog as they have so much to give and are often overlooked.

Myrtle has been vaccinated, micro chipped and is up to date with flea and worming treatment. She will need to be neutered at the correct time as part of the Adoption Agreement (proof will be required). She is currently on foster in Aldershot Hampshire.

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