Nancy – 11 year old female Greyhound

Nancy (previously known as Nadia) is a lovely girl who has been returned through absolutely no fault of her own. She is stunning looking, 11 years young and 27″ to the shoulder and a beautiful unusual colour for a Greyhound which is described as a ‘Dune Brindle’. She came to us in a poorly state with a terrible tooth breakage which had been left untreated and got badly infected and she was very thin, shut down and clearly giving up on the life she had only ever known. She was then adopted and returned so has sadly been through the mill a bit. Although she is a patient girl Nancy is crossing her little paws in the hope that she will find her forever family any time now!

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Nancy is a loving and affectionate girl who is sociable with both people and other dogs. Sadly she had a pretty miserable life until she came to us at Kerry Greyhounds but has blossomed a little more every day since! She is calm and will happily let you touch her food bowl when she is eating with no issues at all. Nancy makes her foster Mum smile all the time, for example her stubbornness to come in from the garden when she’s sniffing something interesting and how she ‘expertly’ rolls her blanket into a little ball and then proceeds to lie on it with a content sigh and roach the evening away!

Nancy is very clean in the home and will ask to go out when she needs the toilet and although she loves her home comforts she actually prefers her bed to the sofa and sleeps like a baby through the night. She can also be left with canine company for a few hours with no problems whatsoever. Nancy is very good with medium to large dogs and is currently living with a greyhound and a rottweiler but hasn’t met many small dogs so care will have to be taken when meeting very small dogs on walks although she is perfectly happy wearing her muzzle. She will pull sometimes if she sees a cat or small furry so a cat free home is a must please.

Nancy is a dream on the lead and in the car and adores her walks. She will be content with two 30 minute walks a day or even more as she is a very young and sprightly girl of 9 years! In general greyhounds are calm, mannerly dogs that are well used to being handled. They can fit very well in to a wide range of different lifestyles and usually adjust to the home life very quickly. Their soft, easy going nature often makes them ideal to live in a family environment, while their love of lazing around and low exercise requirements can make them perfect for the retired. Greyhounds also don’t shed as much as other more popular dog breeds and this can make them suitable to live with allergy sufferers.

We feel Nancy would suit most home environments as she is a calm and confident girl and settles into new routines quickly but we feel she would like a fairly active family as she is young in spirit and does enjoy her walks. She also really does love the company of other dogs so ideally her forever family will have at least one other gentle canine friend. She can be homed anywhere in the UK provided we have a home checker available, but please note that you will be required to travel to Norfolk to meet and collect her.

Please also be aware that we do not home dogs to families with children under 8 years of age. Nancy is currently living with a foster family in Norfolk. Nancy is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, deflead and wormed and a home check will be required as part of the adoption procedure.

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Kerry Greyhounds UK operates through a network of volunteers to rehome greyhounds and lurchers. The majority of our dogs are from Ireland. We are dedicated to finding the very best forever homes and provide ongoing support and encouragement to all of our placement families and hounds. We neuter, vaccinate and microchip each dog and give them a veterinary check before they are rehomed. We rely on public donations to enable us to carry out our work and refuse, on principle, any financial assistance from the greyhound racing industry. If you have an adoption enquiry, please either email us at, or telephone Bronwen on 075 000 62648.
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