Nemo – 9 week old male Pug

Nemo is a 9 week old male Pug. Nemo came into rescue at 5 weeks old suffering with pneumonia, it has been a long road to get him where he is today and we are hoping he will soon be ready for his forever home. When he arrived he had difficulty keeping his feeds down, he has progressed well and is eating and gaining weight. He came in at under 600g and is now 1.2kg still a very tiny boy but full of energy and loving life. As with any pup he poops, pees and chews his way through the day, with regular toilet breaks he is getting the hang of going outside, it will take him time to be fully clean so please expect lots of little parcels and puddles left for your bare feet to find them!

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Nemo needs to be on a low protein diet at the moment to regulate his growth, we will discuss this at length with suitable applicants, it is not expensive and will not be forever. He does still sneeze and it will take time and growth to eliminate this fully, unfortunately he is so so tiny that all of his nasal passages ect are tiny too. He will need new owners who have a good understanding of the breed and their needs, he loves other dogs and would be best re homed with other dogs. Nemo is fine with cats and is young enough to be introduced to most other animals without issue.

Due to his size and needs we will not re home Nemo with young children, older teenagers who understand that there are risks for him (being stepped on, knocked over ect) would be fine. He will also need his new owners to be around for most of the day as he is so young and still needs regular feed times.

Nemo will not be re homed until after Christmas and the vets have signed him off. He is currently being fostered in Aldershot Hampshire. Nemo will be vaccinated, micro chipped and up to date with flea and worming treatment. As he is still young he will be re homed on a Neutering Agreement. (Reduced cost neutering is available on request).

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