Nitsa – 2 year old female Border Collie cross Pointer

Nitsa was abandoned in front of an animal shelter in Greece with her 4 siblings when they were young puppies. The shelter took them in and cared for them, and lucky Nitsa was eventually offered a home in the UK with a lovely young couple. She arrived here in May 2012 and hasn’t looked back! Sadly, the family’s circumstances are changing and they will be unable to care for Nitsa so they have made the heartbreaking decision to ask us to find her a new home.

Nitsa is now about 2 years old. She is neutered, vaccinated, has her own Pet Passport and is healthy. She’s about 27 inches tall, and weighs 28 kilos. She is initially quite nervous with new people and calm introductions are necessary. She is generally a placid dog, although due to her size and the fact that she is quite young she can be boisterous and a little clumsy, so care would need to be taken if there are young children in the home.


Nitsa is currently living with a cat. Again, careful introductions would need to be made, especially with a nervous cat. When Nitsa first arrived in the UK she was worried by other dogs. It didn’t take her long to appreciate that other dogs mean fun and playtime! Her best friends are a collie and a Jack Russell, and she loves to play chase with them in the park. She is very eager to please and hates being told off. Her owners have found her easy to train in the basics of obedience like Sit, Paw, Down, Come. Like all young dogs, however, she still gets very forgetful and easily distracted when she’s in a new place. Nitsa can be strong on the lead and very excitable, especially in unfamiliar territory, so will need owners who can handle her and teach her how to behave. She finds it difficult to walk past objects on the pavement like crisp packets, plastic bags etc… You have to remove them before she will walk on normally.

Nitsa is not generally a fussy eater but prefers her dry food moistened with a little warm water! She does love treats, so this will help with her training. One Dentastix a day and she’ll be your friend for life! Car travel is no problem for her once she has settled. She has been on a few long journeys with her family and after a little while of being excited and looking out the windows she then lies down and sleeps. A visit to the vet should not cause her any anxiety – she is more curious than worried, and when she had an upset tummy recently she was very good at taking her medicine – presumably followed by a tasty treat!

Nitsa’s perfect home will be one with another dog for company, or where her people are around most of the time. She does suffer some separation anxiety, especially when her usual routine has been upset, so some understanding while this is worked on will be necessary. Nitsa does not like being crated!

Friends of Animals - Nea Filadelfia
For further details regarding adopting a dog from Friends of Animals, based in Nea Filadelfia, Greece, with fostercare in Hertfordshire, please contact Mr Conrad Eilts, or you can telephone 07717 710693. Adoption fees are at the discretion of the adopter, but minimum donation of £150 is suggested. All our dogs are vaccinated and neutered before adoption and are treated for worms and fleas.
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