Norman – 1 year old male Mastiff

Norman is a 1 year old male Mastiff . Norman is a great big hunk of love! He just wants to be cuddled – do you have a big enough heart to share your life with a snuggle-monster? He can sometimes be a little over-excited, he is, after all, just a puppy still for this big breed  and has a tendency to be clumsy and just ‘flop’ on top of people for cuddles! For this reason we feel a home with small children would not be suitable but one with older and bigger children who are physically able to withstand such a hunk of love landing on them would be a fab, he would be a great addition to such a home.

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When he meets other male dogs he is very laid back, just wanting to play although he sometimes can be somewhat attention seeking, especially if he thinks that there is not enough going on to entertain him. He does still ‘teeth chatter’ around females but this stops after a couple of minutes and the foster family think this is due to excitement rather than any sort of aggression or overtly sexualised behaviour. He has been neutered. He has not been tested formally with cats but if he sees one in his back garden then he does try and chase it off.

Norman is already a fantastic 39.5kg but still needs to gain a further 2-3kg for his ideal weight for his age. He came to us underweight at the beginning of May 2015 and his foster home have worked to help him gain mass in a controlled and healthy manner. This gorgeous boy has only been with us a little while and we don’t expect him to have to wait long before the right family spot him as he is learning fast: he already knows sit, paw, leave and bedtime (which means he goes in to his crate, perfectly happily to settle down for the night). If he thinks he is missing out on something interesting, he can be reluctant to go into his crate but ‘bedtime’ is always understood and there have been increasing occasions when he is choosing to go in there just for some quiet time. He is learning that it is not a prison, but a safe place for him.

He is great on lead, which for such a big lad is essential, and is beginning to recall in the garden but as he has no road sense at all he has not yet been trusted off lead out of the security of the garden. He is house trained and knows to go to the door if he needs to go out; he used to be very nervous about feeding time but this is improving at the foster home where he is fed separately from their dogs to give him a sense of security but he now doesn’t mind them milling around the other side of the stair gate whilst he is eating. This is a big improvement and we would expect this positive direction to continue in this regard with calm reassurance.

So far Norman has only been left alone for a couple of hours at a time, as it is such ‘early days’ for him with us, but so far there is no reason to believe that gradually building up to a longer time would be a problem. So, if you have a big heart for our big, loving and loveable Norman and you think you could give him the home he so richly deserves, please contact us and in the first instance, complete the Home Check request form

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