Nyla – 2 year old female Akita

Nyla is a 2 year old female Akita. Nyla is a stunning Akita beauty who has just turned one. As is expected of this magnificent breed, Nyla is polite but aloof with people she does not know. Once she warms up however, she is inquisitive and affectionate, reacting well to pats and cuddles. Akitas are naturally loyal and protective. It therefore comes as no surprise that Nyla displays these traits. While she isn’t aggressive, she does monitor the comings and goings of the house and will do this for her new owners.

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Nyla does not appear to display any guarding tendencies – neither for food nor toys. We understand that she is child and dog friendly. However, given her size, we would prefer a home only with older children. Any initial interactions with other dogs will also need to be supervised. Nyla could possibly live with a self assured and laid back male of a similar size.

Nyla has not really been left on her own for long periods of time. While Akitas are an independent breed, it will be beneficial (at least initially) for her new owners to be at home for most of the day. She walks well on lead, is house trained and also knows the basic commands. However, as with any large breed, she will benefit from ongoing training from large breed aware owners. As she is being rehomed due to a lack of time to properly exercise her, we feel that she could benefit from a relatively active home.

For more information on adopting this lovely girl please contact us. Nyla is currently in Tyne and Wear.

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