Ollie – 18 month old male Lurcher cross Labrador

Ollie is a very loving, affectionate 18 month old Lurcher cross Labrador. He has a beautiful shiny, short haired black coat with a white bib. He is not very big about Collie height and is of a slim build. Poor Ollie really hasn’t had much of a life so far. He had been in rescue from quite a young age as an unwanted litter of pups, and has always just been passed by, by people looking for a fluffy or scruffy or more appealing looking dog. This is such a shame as Ollie doesn’t have a bad bone in his body and just has so much love to give.

However, Ollie is with us now:-

And this is what we can say about Ollie which may make you sit up and notice him and give him that chance in life that no one has bothered to give poor Ollie and hopefully you may just want to take this lovely fellow home with you.


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OLLIE, has many good things going for him. Despite the fact that he has been in rescue for most of his life, Ollie is brilliant off the lead and really enjoys his walks. He has had every opportunity to run off to chase rabbits in the hedgerow or run the other side of a field to see another dog on the far side, but hasn’t. He is just so happy to be with you. Ollie will walk with a large pack of dogs, whether they are bigger than him or small ones. He is very gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Ollie is game to play in the stream and was so pleased with himself when he went in the first time that he ran around afterwards saying “look at me, I’m free to do just like all the other dogs”. It was a real treat to watch him.

At home, Ollie likes nothing more than to be able to sit at your feet when you are either on the computer or watching television. If you are up for a cuddle, he will very obligingly sit with you on the sofa and snuggle up and be so happy that someone wants to give him some much deserved love.

Ollie needs a kind and caring person to look after him and understand his needs though. He feels a bit insecure at times although this is improving every day. We are looking for a fairly quiet home where there may already be a resident dog, or somebody who is willing to take on two dogs, as Ollie has always been with other dogs. Also someone who is willing to just go that bit further in settling Ollie in to his new home where he may be a bit fretful in the first instance. We know that with just a bit of time this will subside and Ollie will be a truly loyal and very lovable companion.

Ollie is a very submissive dog and not at all dominant or aggressive towards dogs or people. He can be a little nervous of new situations and of new people in the house. This must be noted and worked on, but once Ollie gets to know people he is fine. This is where we need an understanding person and calm household, but we know he will get better and it doesn’t take long – just a bit of thoughtfulness and helping hand for him. Ollie is a lot more relaxed in situations out of the home where there is space so by giving him a good walk in the morning has helped bring his energy and anxiety levels down to help him relax at home. This can be discussed if you are interested in Ollie.

Another good thing about Ollie is that he is OK with cats. Ollie travels well in the car too. Initially he was a little scared of getting in and out of the car but he is over that now knowing he is going for a lovely walk. Ollie is also crate trained. The reason I mention this, is that as we have other foster dogs we have stair gates etc in our homes. Ollie is clever enough to be able to open these just to follow us upstairs to be with us. Now hopefully this wouldn’t be a problem for most people for a dog to follow them, but if you have more than one or two dogs following you (to the toilet) just sometimes it is!!!

Well there you have it. OLLIE. Please give him a home. He is the most beautiful, gentlest boy in the world. He just desperately wants someone to love him. Will that be you.

Ollie is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and wormed. Ollie is in foster in Waltham Abbey, Essex, J26 of M25. We are looking to re-home him in or around that area or neighbouring counties. If you feel you could offer lovely Ollie a wonderful forever home, please fill in an adoption form on www.leavalleydogrescue.co.uk or contact Jackie 07857604365 or Yasmina on 07815547667 (eve/weekends).

Lea Valley Dog Rescue

Lea Valley Dog Rescue

For further details regarding dogs available for adoption from Lea Valley Dog Rescue, please contact Jackie on 07857 604365 or Yasmina on 07815 547667 or Lynne on 07766660825. You may also visit www.leavalleydogrescue.co.uk
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