Orson – 3 year old male Greyhound

Orson, a 3 year old Greyhound, really is a most stunning greyhound. He arrived at Gap at the beginning of 2016 at risk of euthanasia. Up until landing in our care, Orson had had the most dreadful life and landed an absolute nervous quaking wreck. He soon settled at kennels and it was not long before he found the most fabulous greyhound-savvy home. At first, he settled well with the other Greyhounds but it soon became evident that in a rural location with lots of prey stimulus round him that a nervous/prey drive combination was not a great mix. He went from being great with the other dogs to over stimulated and it became apparent that he could not relax. We had to make the sad decision for everyone’s sake to bring him back to kennels. When he first landed he swung from being back to nervous to over stimulated and quite manic. However, a month on and Orson was back to being a different dog, a happy relaxed greyhound and his confidence came back. He is now a firm favourite at the kennels and everyone’s special boy.

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Orson needs a very specific home. A quiet home as an only dog and without young children around or visiting – he is scared of them. Here at kennels he is fine with them and mixing with them calmly but in the home he was in he was scared half to death by them and would run to nip as they left a room. We feel the main difference here with his calm approach to them is he is relaxed and happy and his Adrenalin levels are not raised. This shows totally that he cannot cope in busy environments. He would be best suited to a middle aged couple without children or Grandchildren and preferably with hound experience. He would be best placed in a town environment where he could be walked calmly on lead without encountering tons of prey animals. To see him now calm and relaxed here with us is a joy to behold, he is so happy, so confident and just a *normal greyhound*. This boy is to die for and would be perfect for someone who wants a straight forward quiet, lazy boy who after a short walk wants to relax in his own environment and sleep. He is spotlessly clean and good to be left and travels like a dream. Orson is not cat friendly.

We have been completely honest about Orson’s behaviour but PLEASE do not let that put you off offering him a home! His behaviour we feel was environmental and the very fact he constantly ran on fear and adrenaline and could not relax. Here at the kennels he is the easiest most content lad we have!

Orson is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped and neutered. For more details or to offer Orson a home please complete the pre adoption questionnaire below. Orson is currently in Stoke on Trent and any family must be willing to travel to meet him

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