Oscar – 4-5 year old male Labrador

Oscar is a 4-5 year old male Labrador. Oscar is a joy! He loves playing, loves playing in water being a typical Labrador. He listens well to his name, he’s boisterous in the field but calm at home. He’s looking for a caring, warm family who loves long walks in fields and woods etc. He longs for someone to give him the affection that he craves. In return you will have a most caring companion who will give you his unconditional love day in day out. Oscar is such a beautiful soul and a true Labrador in all senses. He’s gentle, loves affection, is wonderful around the house. He needs to be close to you. During the night, you have to allow him, if not upstairs, to sleep down the stairs as he needs to know you are all there. He is used to being on his own, he does not chew furniture etc. He hates being locked up, for example in utility room. He loves his food and at the moment we’re trying for him to lose a little bit of weight.

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When we got him he had a normal lead (short) and he pulls, beware that he’s strong. We also have along retractable lead (8 m) with that flexibility, now he is a joy to walk. He’s not aware of the road, we’re training him at the moment but you have to be aware of this. He needs a lot of exercise as in long walks in fields, he loves fields! We trust him, after 4 days he’s off the lead, only in vast field area as he will be off! Gone out of your sight, don’t worry though as the moment you are out of his sight, he will run back even faster. He loves it when you throw him a small ball and he brings them back (bonus). We use dog ball thrower and launcher and as Oscar is super speedy (amazing for a Labrador) he uses a lot of energy which he needs. He’s great with older children, I understand the reason he is now looking for an adoptive family is that he was jealous of a newborn baby. He’s fine with people and teenagers, though when you hug he is not impressed and wants to join in.

It seems he is fine with other dogs yet very forward so although he is absolutely fine, his forwardness and being the strong boy that he is, is sometimes a little intimidating for other dogs. So far he has not shown any aggressiveness towards other dogs. Oscars perfect home. He needs a lot of love. He craves it. Preferably with a family with older children (over 10). With people working from home. He can be home alone, he’s good but you can tell it kills him. Living near a large field/woods (he needs to run). To be allowed to sleep at bottom of stairs (if not upstairs). Current location is in a foster home in Solihull, West Midlands, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, spayed and microchipped.

Adoption Fee : £255

Dogwatchuk West Midlands

Dogwatchuk West Midlands

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