Otis – 2 year old male Lurcher

Otis is a two year old Lurcher who is very lucky to be alive. He was found in the snow earlier last year, collapsed and heavily bleeding. Luckily a Good Samaritan found him and rushed him to the vets where he was treated for hypothermia and given emergency first aid treatment. After initial stabilisation, it soon became obvious that Otis had been shot multiple times with lead pellets. From the extent and pattern of the injuries, it is highly suspicious that he had been shot at close range.


Unfortunately one of the pellets had punctured his lung, and another had gone right through his back leg and lodged itself in his femur, badly fracturing his leg in the process. There were over twenty other pellets lodged throughout his body, but thankfully he escaped without any further complication from them. Due to the severity of his injuries, Otis was immediately referred to an orthopaedic specialist in Surrey. After three separate surgeries, and a lot of work, finally Otis was discharged to spend the next few months rehabilitating in his foster home.

One year later and all of Otis’s physical scars have healed, but he is obviously still traumatised by his frightening experience. Understandably, he remains wary of men he hasn’t met before, and is cautious with new experiences. Once he gets to know you and feels he can trust you, then all is well and he is the most loveable, sweet and happy dog you can meet. Otis is busy working on his socialisation and trust issues, meeting lots of new people and getting out and about. Unfortunately, mental scars run deep and can sometimes be difficult to heal, but luckily Otis is a loyal dog who is eager to please, so he is progressing and growing daily now that he feels secure and comfortable in his foster home. Otis would really benefit from finding a forever home of his own so that he can build on all he has learnt so far.

Initially Otis was a little aloof and worried or nervous. He will now regularly ask for attention from his fosterers, and likes to remind them that he is there by gently nudging them with his nose. He has also learnt to play and can happily amuse himself for hours playing playing with soft toys, either by himself or with the other three hounds that he shares his foster home with. His recall is good, and he loves now to have a good run around.He can be wary of other dogs, particularly dogs staring at him and can be vocal in these situations on his lead, but does calm down relatively quickly.

As much as Otis likes to play, he also enjoys relaxing in the home. He spends a lot of time snoozing in the sun! He is fully house trained, and is happy to spend time in his crate if needed at times. He loves his food, and has perfect manners with all of the other dogs when eating both meals and treats.

After suffering such a traumatic ordeal, Otis has come an amazingly long way and is proving to be a lovely dog. Ideally we are looking for an experienced hound owner, with or without another dog, who will continue to help Otis develop, and enable him to live his life to the full like he truly deserves. Ideally we would like a home for Otis where there is another female hound for him to play with. Otis is neutered, micro chipped, wormed and flea treated. He can be homed both locally and nationally dependent on a successful homecheck.

Northern Greyhound Rescue
For further details regarding adopting a dog from Northern Greyhound Rescue, please telephone 01253 891589 / 07888 726885 or email northerngreyhoundrescue@yahoo.co.uk Dogs in the care of Northern Greyhound Rescue are located in the North West area of England,Lancashire area, however the rescue will home in other areas dependent on a sucessful homecheck.
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