Otto – 9 year old male Cross-Breed

Otto is a nine year old large Cross-Breed. Looking at him now that he’s all filled out and happy I think definitely some German Shepherd but possibly even some Bloodhound. Otto has been with us for a couple of years now and I am rewriting his album because it struck me when with him recently how much he has changed. Otto in kennels (FR001).

We agreed to take Otto from the Bistrita public shelter in Romania, he was going utterly stir crazy in a 6ft by 6ft pen that he was never allowed out of. Prior to this we suspect he had endured the common existence of large breed dogs in Romania. Most likely used as a guard dog, probably kept on the end of a chain for years, fed on an insufficient amount of scraps and left overs and starved of attention and stimulation for year after year.

When he came to us he was out of condition and ill equipped to cope with the domestic life that we hurtled him into. He did settle more in time but sadly his fosterers circumstances changed and she could no longer keep him with her so we had no choice at that time but to put him back in kennels. Kennel life has suited him well and he has thrived. The structure and routine of regular food, exercise and kindness has allowed him to blossom into a happy, smiley and robustly healthy looking dog that now needs that elusive home that he’s never had. He has lost the haunted look he wore when he arrived and is now totally relaxed and comfortable in his new world.

So can you offer this big, beefy old boy a new loving home. He is looking for an adult home and is still a big strong lad so needs somebody younger than he is in dog years to walk him. He’s affectionate and loving and deserves finally to be loved back.

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