Paddy – 2-3 year old male German Shepherd Cross

This is the very handsome Paddy. He is a two and half year old German Shepherd Cross and is currently in kennels near Chelmsford Essex. Paddy has had a difficult start in life and although he has spent some time in a foster household, he hasn’t really had much socialisation with people prior to coming to stay with us in kennels. He has now been with us for just over four months and has begun to get used to the comings and goings of both male and female customers as they pass through the kennel block.

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Paddy has a huge heart and it doesn’t matter how worried he is, he would never show any aggression. He is very shy in new situations or when he meets new people but having taken him out on a day trip to Suffolk, he proved that when he is feeling secure he is happy to approach strangers, especially those with other dogs. Paddy is friendly to all dogs, male or female, big or small, he is also good with cats. A home with young children would not be suitable for Paddy, but older children and teenagers would be fine as long as they are thoughtful and sensible around animals. Paddy is house trained.

Paddy so deserves his forever home, he will make a very loyal companion and has so much love to give. He just wants his own family and his own home away from the hustle and bustle of my busy kennels. Paddy is at his happiest when he is out in our grassed paddock playing with his friends. He knows his name and will go back into the kennel block on command. He is a bright dog and would probably enjoy some further training with his new Mum or Dad. He would like to have a confident doggy companion but I feel he would also be happy with just the love and attention from his owners.

Please give this beautiful boy the home he so deserves. He is fully vaccinated and has a pet passport.

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Lea Valley Dog Rescue

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