Paisley – 2 year old female Cross-Breed

Paisley is a two year old dainty Cross-Breed. With her striking Husky like markings and tiny Whippet framed body she is certainly unique. Paisley has spent most of her short life in the Radauti public shelter in Romania. Paisley is fostered in Lincolnshire (FR099). In many ways she is very much like any other young dog, she loves a fuss, loves to play and give lots of kisses but where any other young dog would be full of confidence and nerves of steel, Paisley looks at the world through her big eyes and everything is a little scary. It’s heartbreaking to see such a lovely dog cowering at the sight of people and at the moment her reaction to anything overwhelming is to run to her crate which has become her safe place.

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Despite this we can see that she trying so hard to be brave, she’s tentatively taking steps to enter the living room and staying a little longer each time. Despite her very timid nature she is curious of everything that home life has to offer and eventually her curiosity will get the better of her. Young children maybe too much for Paisley, she really doesn’t like loud noises or sudden movements but she is absolutely fantastic with other dogs that she has met out and about and the dogs in her foster home. She’s become particularly attached to our elderly collie who is a hard dog to win over but they have been playing beautifully since she arrived, she is incredibly submissive and very well mannered with our oldies.

Paisley would really benefit from being homed with another confident dog that loves to play and can show her what her new life is all about. Currently she doesn’t like to be left alone but I expect this can built up over time as she becomes more settled. She walks quite well on the lead but doesn’t like to walk in built up areas with lots of people or traffic. In short, Paisley is looking for someone that will help her to overcome her worries and give her lots of belly rubs, she may not be a dog that will happily throw herself into all of the action but I’m sure in time and in the right environment she will needs to be a cat free home.

If you are interested please call or message us.

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