Paulien – 2-3 year old female Cross-Breed

Paulien, a female mixed breed, 2 to 3 years old. Paulien is around 2 to 3 years old. She had a long journey ahead of her on her way to safety. Spending three days on the road in the care of our fantastic transport company CHR pet transport company. Three days turned into more due to weather conditions however Paulien arrived with her foster in Petersfield where she could relax in the warm and comfort. She was very nervous when first arriving but after a traumatic life that’s to be expected. We discovered Paulien was pregnant and a month or so later into her stay Paulien had 8 healthy pups and has been a fantastic mum to them. Paulien will soon to be ready to go to a forever home as her pups are now weened and on their way to being adopted at 10 weeks old. She is a gentle girl just wanting to be loved.

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Since Paulien has arrived she has become a different dog, She has settled more, is so relaxed and will accept as much love and fuss as she can get. She lives well with the resident dog but since having her pups is understandably protective and she becomes a little vocal. She does allow the foster and her family to handle her pups and she is not aggressive in anyway. As far as being a mum Paulien has taken to it like a duck to water, Aside from being a mum, she is a loving affectionate loyal girl great with children okay with cats providing they don’t bother her. Paulien would suit a family with older relaxed children. We think she would love to be an only dog too as she deserves all the fuss and attention after her experiences in Romania and after being such a wonderful mum.

She loves being outside whether it be on a walk, she walks really well on the lead. Or in the garden, but if you need a gardener don’t ask Paulien as all she will do is dig a hole and leave it to you to fill it in. She loves a good dig! She is such a sweet girl and has so much love to give. At first Paulien did not play much just enjoyed a fuss and a cuddle and loves a good groom, but now she enjoys chasing a ball and playing with our resident dog. Paulien is a small to medium sized dog and is a little food aggressive. This is vocally and only towards other dogs which is not uncommon for dogs who have spent long periods fighting for food on the streets to survive, we have been able to take food away with no aggression.

Paulien will be neutered, chipped, vaccinated and have a passport. Her compulsory adoption donation is £300. Home check applies.

Rescue De-Activated

Rescue De-Activated

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