Penni McKenna – 3 year old female Cross Breed

Here we have the lovely Penni Mckenna. This girl has lived in the Romanian shelter for most of her life. Conditions are very harsh, and winter is taking lives quicker every day. Somehow, these desperate souls find a way to push forward and keep going. Living in a false sense of hope, never knowing what they are living for or why. The good people of these organizations reach out to the world, in hope of some Assistance, in hope of some exposure to the reality of a Romanian dog rescue. We do not fully understand the half of what goes on out there, or what these dogs have to accept on a regular basis.

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What we do know is that regardless of where they are in the world. They are still animals, they are still dogs, they deserve a chance, they deserve to feel love. Most die without ever knowing the true essence of kindness, whilst some Experience it for a short time. One moment you feel that your life is safe, and the next it is taken away from you without warning. Dogs are disappearing from the streets at an astronomical rate, most without a trace. Some subjected to the cruelty of people, driven by traditions and culture. Whilst there are some kind-hearted and compassionate people, a majority of these animals are dished a brutal card.

Of course, any dog that escapes the epic race of survival, and travels to the United Kingdom. Many will say that there are dogs here already, and we do not need any from abroad. But the dogs do not know they are from a different country, nor do they care about such details. Their requirements are very basic. Love, food, water, and affection. Those things are universal. Built into the DNA of almost every living being. Dogs were domesticated to work and live amongst humans. So it is only right to treat them with that love and understanding.

United We Stand. As this is the United Kingdom, let us come together and reach outside of our comfort zone, reach outside of what we thought we knew, and dig deeper within ourselves. Deeper into our hearts. This girl is fully vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, microchipped and neutered.
She has an untapped nonjudgemental heart and is willing to learn.

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