Pepper – 5 year old male Golden Retriever

Pepper is a Golden Retriever who is 5 years old and is in Gloucestershire. Meet gorgeous Pepper! He’s an absolutely stunning and very special character who’s looking for an experienced home. He has a lot of love to give and has settled well in his foster home in Stroud, but he has anxiety and needs someone who can continue to work with him to keep him calm and relaxed. Pepper is living in foster with other dogs and cats and loves being around other dogs, they help him to settle so we feel that he would do best in a home with some canine company.

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He is a beautiful, playful, energetic and intelligent boy who deserves some peace and happiness after his stressful start in life. In the long run he will need long walks, but at the moment he has muscle wastage from inactivity so can only manage around 45 mins a day, once his weight and muscles are built up he will happily go for much longer. He loves his walks, and even better we have found he loves splashing around in water, so if he can be taken swimming that would build up his muscles!

Pepper came from a sad background, he was brought over last month from Cyprus as his previous owners were only walking him once a week and keeping him shut up 14 hours a day due to work commitments. He lived in a family with kids, other dogs and cats, but given his anxiety we are looking for an adult only home for him. He hadn’t had any issues in his home in Cyprus, but when transported to the UK the stress of the journey and new environment caused him extreme anxiety where he became restless and started pacing and showing other signs of stress. When a volunteer from the rescue went to visit him, he was initially very friendly with her but when she tried to put him in his bed he panicked and bit her – we are sure that this was a stress reaction, he has not shown any signs of aggression in his current home, but nevertheless we want adopters to be fully aware of what happened.

Pepper needs an experienced adopter or adoptive family to help him to calm and settle. He’s a high energy dog; once he is stronger and built up his muscle, long walks each day will go a long way towards helping him stabilise. He also needs adopters who understand how to read his signals and who provide a quiet, calm environment for him, ideally with the company of another dog or two. Pepper is neutered, vaccinated, has a pet passport and is parasite treated.

If Pepper’s story melts your heart and you feel that you can offer him the home he truly deserves, please fill out our adoption questionnaire at

Rescue De-Activated

Rescue De-Activated

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