Petunia – 1 year old female Cross-Breed

Petunia is a medium to large sized Cross-Breed of just over a year old. Petunia is fostered in Gt Yarmouth (FR036). Petunia’s mother was living on the streets of Romania and she was really struggling. Our contact knew of her since she was pregnant with the litter before Petunias. Typical story of an unspayed street dog, life is hell when they are on heat and harassed by all the male dogs in the area. One pregnancy after another with very few of the pups surviving. Having to stand by helplessly as one by one her babies die only for the cycle to start all over again.

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Petunia is the only living pup that we know of. When Roxana saw her mother was pregnant yet again she was finally able to catch her and get her spayed and to safety. She has since come to us and been happily adopted. Petunia wasn’t quite so easy to catch but Roxana didn’t give up and leave her to the fate of the same life her mother had endured.

She is now here in the UK and looking for a very special home. She is a little timid and a little jumpy but that’s due to the lack of socialization that an up bringing in a shelter denied her. Her main issue that most adopters will shy away from is a health one. Since being in our care her fosterer noticed some awkwardness in her movement. We had her x-rayed and it was discovered that at her tender age she has hip dysplasia. Our vet has advised that she has pain relief as and when she needs it and that she simply carries on with her life in a normal way.

Petunia really enjoys the company of other dogs and is living very happily with cats. She is still hesitant with new people but mostly is a happy and playful girl that just needs her confidence to grow over time.

If you are interested please call or message us between 9am and 6pm.

Safe Rescue
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