Phil – 6 month old male Shih Tzu cross Pug

Phil is a 6 month old Shih Tzu cross Pug looking for a new home. Phil was bought as a tiny puppy at 8 weeks old. When he was 5 months old, the owner went back to full time work and attempted to home him herself through the Free ads. Many people came forward for him, but Phil needs an experienced owner. If he is in a new home, he can initially be snappy until he knows his new handler is safe. Phil’s previous owner kept homing him with children and Phil got frightened of them and snapped out at them. He was returned to his original owner over and over again and when the breeder refused to take him back, the owner decided to seek for a rescue space for him. He arrived into rescue at 6 months old and it is unclear how many moves he had between the age of 5 and 6 months.


Given the chance, Phil is just a normal puppy. He was snappy to start with, but quickly settled down. He had a real problem with people lifting him up, so I made that task a game and I have trained him to hop up onto my lap when I am crouching down and to then stand up with him in my arms. He may have felt a bit threatened or frightened being carried through the air, so I found a way to make it a safe feeling experience of being lifted up. It is possible that he may have been dropped at some stage which would have given him a learned fear of being picked up.

Phil had a few issues with other dogs when he first arrived. Being that he is only young, he has improved quickly with this and is now very playful with other dogs. He has never lived with cats, but doesn’t show any interest in them here, so he could live with cats who are used to dogs (as he is still a puppy so is playful and jumpy.) Phil will not be homed with children or visiting children of under 16 years of age. He will need a home who understands his needs and have owned potentially snappy dogs before, just in case he reverts when he moves to a new home. Phil has been castrated, vaccinated and microchipped and his worming and flea treatment has been bought up to date.

A homecheck will be necessary and a minimum adoption fee of £150 applies.

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