Phoebe – 3-4 year old female German Shepherd cross Corgi

Phoebe is probably a German Shepherd crossed with a Corgi though her appearance is very Shepherdy. She is only the size of a corgi. She is now around three and a half years old. Pheobe, or Pheebs to her friends, spent her first three years of life in a shelter and really only ever saw two or three people. As a result she is quite timid and under-socialised but she’s a very bright dog and as time goes on she really does pick up on what it is like to be a domestic dog and is really getting the hang of it.

Phoebe loves her walks, she is brilliant both on and off lead. She is a brilliant mixer with other dogs but would really like to eat cats. Due to her timidi nature we need to find someone with some patience and understanding who realises she takes time to trust. She is very weary of men so a single lady adopter would be ideal but if there is a man in the household he must be truly committed to helping with the day to day routine of caring for Pheebs so that she doesn’t just connect with her lady owner and shut the man out. She doesn’t like strangers to impose themselves on her and will back away when approached but if allowed to acclimatise, in her own time she will make friends. Phoebe is okay with my dog savvy children but due to the time needed for her to get used to people would not be ideal for a home with children.

This is in fact a little dog that is crying out to be loved. Once connected she really is a joyous little character that will do a happy dance every time she sees you..even if you only left the room for a few seconds. Phoebe is a prime example of one of life’s lessons…. you will get out of her what you put in, if you invest your love wisely the payback is infinite 🙂 Really hope I’ve done this right be gentle it’s my first time.

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