Phoenix – 5 year old female German Shepherd Dog

Phoenix is a German Shepherd, we believe her to be around 5 years old. Phoenix fostered in Gt Yarmouth (FR001). Phoenix was originally brought to Romania by a private adopter but when they realized they had taken on more than they could cope with after a couple of weeks Phoenix was destined to be returned to Romania and back to the shelter life she thought she had left behind her. We were asked if we could make room for her with us making room being the operative phrase as all our foster homes were already over full. She was brought to me, and despite my trepidation due to the last people not coping, she made herself at home instantly. There had been some disagreements between Phoenix and their existing dog and they had judged her to be dominant. I have not found this to be the case at all and I think if there is going to be problems between her and another dog it is more due to her lack of etiquette. She has some very typical German Shepherd traits, she is extremely loyal and affectionate and a fantastic companion dog.

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She is living with a multitude of other dogs now and gets on with all of them but she’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier and she doesn’t take a hint when she is overstepping the mark. When meeting with new dogs she will quite often stick her nose up their rear end for a prolonged amount of time which most dogs will eventually react to. Warning her to move with a growl is too subtle, it’s not until I tell her to stop or they snap at her that she will realise it’s not welcome and move away. I see no reason at all why she cannot live with dogs in the future but probably someone experienced enough to know when to intervene and when to let them sort it out amongst themselves is required. She’s learning slowly what will and will not be tolerated by other dogs and further socialisation will be the making of her. When she does get told off by the other dogs she instantly backs away and shows no retaliation.

This girl has so many fantastic characteristics and, as a big fan of the breed, I am currently her number one fan. She’s not used to being on lead and is a bit zigzaggy at the moment but off lead she is fantastic. She is a hugely fun and charismatic dog and what she lacks in intellect she makes up for in charm and enthusiasm. To meet her is to love her and somebody somewhere is going to be very lucky to adopt her. Phoenix travels well in a car, can be left at home on her own for a while and is lovely with children though can be a bit clumsy around them.

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