Pico – 7 month old male Galgo cross Ibizan Hound (Podenco) Cross

Pico a rescue puppy for rehoming. Meet Pico a stunning dog with a lovely temperament. Lovable and very sociable, he loves other dogs and cats. Pico is a handsome, 7 month old tiger brindle pup. Pico is a handsome, 7 month old tiger brindle pup. We think he is a Spanish Galgo (greyhound) cross. At 7 months old he is a medium dog and will probably grow to the size of a greyhound. At the moment he is 63 cm tall and weighs 18 kg.


He is very loving and friendly and spends most of his day sleeping on the settee but also loves going out for his walks and playing with his housemate. He gets on very well with other dogs but would also benefit from being an only dog with one to one training. At the moment he is living with two cats and gets on very well with them – occasionally sharing the same bed. He is energetic and playful, and loves chewing on his toys. He is quite mouthy whilst playing with other dogs but the mouthing is non aggressive.

His toilet training is coming on very well; he is learning to go the back door when he needs to go out (only the occasional dribble, if we have visitors). He is obedient when being fed or given treats as he sits without being asked and will wait to be told he can eat and he will also sit at the roadside and wait. He is still in need of some training and discipline on walks though, as he is very lively and enthusiastic on the lead and gets very excited when meeting other dogs. He usually causes a stir when meeting other dog walkers as he has such a beautiful coat and a gorgeous, lovable face.

Pico hasn’t learned to go upstairs yet as he associates going upstairs with having a bath, so doesn’t know about sleeping on beds – which may be a good thing (although he can tackle outside steps very well). At the moment Pico sleeps in a dog crate, but I think he would also sleep just as well on the settee as that is his favourite place. He will make a fabulous family pet, as he is very loving, loyal and lots of fun and is so friendly with everyone he meets.

He can only be homed to people who are at home most of the day. Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated. Adoption Fee : £175

If you can give this beautiful chap a home please see  http://www.dogwatchuk.com/pico-rescue-puppy-for-rehoming/

Dogwatchuk West Midlands

Dogwatchuk West Midlands

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