Po – 6 month old female Pug

Po is a 6 month old female Pug. Poor little Po has wonky legs. She was signed over to us by a lovely lady who knew we would be happy to help. Po has seen the vet and has Bilateral Luxating Patellas. She has great difficulty in supporting herself and her legs do cause her pain. To watch her try to walk is heartbreaking, to even stay upright is a struggle.

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Po will be seeing the physiotherapist next week to see what we need to do to help her to prepare for her surgery. This little lady has a long road ahead of her but it will all be worth it to see her being able to run around pain free.


We will need your help to raise funds for her surgeries. Po will need both Patellas surgically repaired and then physio and hydrotherapy to get her legs working properly.

We cannot continue to help Po without your support. If you are able to help us raise some very much needed funds we would be happy to hear from you. Every little helps and right now we really need all the help we can get.


Po was seen by the physiotherapist for a full examination. Her knees will both need surgery and there is little we can do to help her in terms of exercise or physiotherapy. Her knee’s are as bad as it gets. We have also had a long conversation with our orthopaedic vet about the best way forward for this little girl. We cannot operate on her until her growth plates close –
Usually when the the pup is approx five and a half months old.

So that Po does not become frustrated and miss out on socialising during the most formative time, we are going to get her a set of wheels. This will enable her to get out and about without damaging her joints further and causing herself more pain. Obviously these will cost but the difference they will make for Po will be worth it.

*Update April 2017*

As you can see from the new pictures Po continues to grow and is doing well. She is still very restricted as to what she is able to do but we are trying to keep life as interesting as possible for her. She loves the other dogs and copes well being on crate rest, we make sure she has lots of toys and games for stimulation but to date her favourite game is pulling the blanket through the bars of her crate and tring to kill the blanket!

Clearly expensive toys are not able to compete with a good old game of blanket tugging. She is an adorable little lass who so deserved the chance of a pain free life, hopefully we will be able to give that to her with your help.

*Update October 2017*

Po is now six months old and has had her second surgery. She is a charming little lady who will make a wonderful pet when she has completed her re habilitation. Hopefully she will be ready for re homing in approx 6-8 weeks time all being well. She will need new owners who are around for most of the day and at least one other similar sized canine companion. Po is fine to be re homed with cats. Any children should be older teenagers who understand the need for care with her legs initially.

Po is crate trained as she has had to spend quite some time in one, she is not yet clean in her crate overnight, this is due to being confined because of her legs. Now we are gradually increasing her exercise we hope she will soon be clean, a few accidents should be expected initially though due to change. She travels well in the car, again in a crate in order to protect her legs. Po is currently having small controlled walks on lead, and will be starting swimming soon. Any applications for Po will be held on file until she has been signed as fit to be re homed by our vets.

Po has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and is up to date with flea and worming treatments. She is currently on foster in Aldershot Hampshire.

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