Polly – 3 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Oh my goodness, just looking at Polly’s pictures make me cry, I know how terrifically loving she is, I know how absolutely desperate she is to be held and cuddled, I also know how sad and lonely she must be right now and how badly she needs a loving, forever home. Tragically I know I can’t bring her home to be with me and my family, as much as I want to, but please, someone out there, see what a beautiful girl she truly is and you will have the most wonderful new best friend ever if you adopt her. She is the most adorable little dog and it was absolutely heartbreaking to leave her at the kennels, I can’t tell you how much.


Polly is a tiny, little pure Staffordshire Bull Terrier and she has the most beautiful, soft little face, her muzzle is like velvet. She looks so terribly sad and I don’t imagine she has been the pampered pooch that she should have been as she is far too thin and looks to have been laying on a hard surface, poor, poor girl. How on earth someone could have been so wicked to have abandoned her too I have no idea….I can’t say here what I think of them, and it makes me ashamed to be part of the same species!

When I took her photographs all she wanted to do was to be cuddled and to kiss Junko and I. She was so desperate to be close to us and she reminded me of an upset child, it was pitiful. She wants to be right on you and it was wonderful (if not very upsetting). In case you can’t tell, I have fallen totally in love with little Polly. Polly will need a home where she will receive bucket loads of love, affection and attention throughout the day please. She will need 2 good walks every day (she is good on the lead, bless her) and a lovely comfy bed (or sofa, or lap!) to sleep on please. She will also need a secure, enclosed garden to play in with you in the warmer weather. Of course she very much feels the cold at the moment, we tried to be quick with her photographs so we could get her back into the warmth of the kennel block.

Polly ignores other dogs and even cats and could live with children aged 10+ (simply because we have no background history for her). Polly is a gentle, sweet little dog who desperately needs a loving, kind and caring home immediately  please, if not sooner. We very much look forward to hearing from you if you think you can make Polly happy for the rest of her life, thank you.

West Norfolk RSPCA Re-homing Centre
For further details regarding adopting a dog from West Norfolk RSPCA Re-homing Centre, please contact direct on -receptionrspcanorfolkwest@gmail.com or telephone 01553 618889.
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