Poppy – 11 week old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Poppy 11 weeks old female one quarter Staffordshire Bull Terrier one quarter Mastiff and whatever the rest is. “Hello everyone! It’s me, the puppy with the mostest. I’m cool, I’m looking good, I’m looking for a LOVING home. I love dogs, to play and have fun. I’m loud when I play. When I’m finished i’m so cool laid back, calm and collected. I play tug, I like a ball, find cats interesting, oh yes just seen one in the kitchen, let’s play. Oh well if you don’t want to. That dog just nicked my toy, guess I’ll just have to find another one. I’m in foster with lots of dogs and cats, i’m the littlest, so I am very polite. Hey what’s that, “woof woof, woof”, oh it’s a Guinea pig!”


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Poppy is a kindly soul, lovely with children, and ever so polite outdoors with all sorts of dogs, has a sniff and is interested. When playing she is very loud. She has quite dainty paws, but is going to be taller than the average Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Not big boned or heavy. She is more Mastiff laid back temperament and wants to learn. Really sweet temperament. She walks on lead quite well for her age. Please be aware that puppy school, really is a must and to be home most of the day to bring her up in the way she should go. A kindly male dog who adores playing loud, but is patient would be an ideal home. Children of 5 upwards if well behaved with animals would suit. At Animal Action Trust Essex, she can be met in Romford. She must be spayed at the proper time and a voucher can be provided. She is fully vacccinated and wormed.

Animal Action Essex

Animal Action Essex

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Animal Action Essex, please telephone Trish on 01277 634406 or 07905 936 863.
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