Poppy – 3-5 year old female Collie cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Poppy is a lovely fairly young Collie cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier, though everyone seems to ask if she’s crossed with a husky, maybe there is a bit of that in her, who knows! She adores people and is happy around children though would love to jump up and give kisses, so we’re working on not letting her jump up. She is getting really good, improving day by day. Her greeting of a waggly tail, soppy grin and shining eyes that you get when you come home is just heart melting; she’s a fantastic, calm family dog. We (Poppy’s foster family) are a family of five in a busy household, with adults and kids always coming and going.

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Everyone gets a warm reception from her and she has captured the hearts of even those who are not necessarily very taken with dogs. She’s doing well with polite lead walking and getting better, she knows she is not supposed to pull but it is just SO hard when the park is calling! She can be a bit stubborn and turn a deaf ear even though she knows full well what you’re telling her, but that said her recall is good. On top of recall she knows sit, down, wait, leave it, go to your bed, paw and “where’s your ball?!”. Considering we’ve only had her a relatively short time she is a star. She has a cheeky side which is part of her charming character and should not be supressed, but does need to be kept on top of. I can see that if she sensed a pushover she’d quickly take charge and do as she pleased! It is a case of being kind, gentle and fair but firm & consistent with the boundaries.

Poppy will need someone with the time to socialise her with dogs but may well be able to live with one or more after a proper introduction. She was fine with all the dogs she was with at the Dogsfriends stables but has taken an apparent dislike to some while in the park with us, though others that we’ve introduced her too she’s got along just fine with. The lovely behaviourist at Dogsfriends can offer help and advice on issues such as this so please don’t let it put you off.

We have a cat but he stays upstairs and she is not allowed up, so we can’t say what she would be like. She has been fine travelling in the car, sitting happily in her crate or in the boot. Poppy is so loving and such a sweet mite, she just deserves an amazing forever home with one person, two people, or a whole family, a couple of walks a day and lots of company. I promise she’ll leave pawprints on your heart.

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