Porg – 9 week old female German Shepherd Cross

Porg is a 9 week old female German Shepherd Cross. Porg was abandoned on the doorstep of a local vets at around 4 weeks of age. She has what we believe to be cerebral hypoplasia. This is a condition were the cerebellum which is responsible for co-ordinated movement fails to develop fully. She has been having intensive rehab, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy as she was very emaciated and under-developed when found. Porg has come on in leaps and bounds really and is now around 9 weeks old.

She has learnt and continues to learn to cope well with her balance issues. She is able to walk , play and do all of the things a puppy does including biting, chewing and running around like a lunatic! She is likely always going to have issues with balance, we do not believe these will get worse and over time we hope for further improvement. As it is at the moment she has a great quality of life and a real enthusiasm for life too!

Special needs: Her main problem is being a hazard to herself. Porg will need owners prepared to offer support through the use of slings etc when needed (not very often) and to monitor her feet/paws for scuffing if she slips over. It is not likely that she will ever be a dog who can do long distance walks but she is already at the point were she enjoys a short wander on lead and harness so we would imagine over time the length of her walks will get longer.

Porg can be rehomed with or without another dog, she is fine with cats and also older children, she has been well socialised with all in foster care and coped without issue.She has started basic obedience training, house training and is comfortable spending time in her crate. She travels well in the car.

Please think carefully- the condition she has will be lifelong but will not normally be life limiting so she is still a commitment of 12-14 years. Porg will need time spent with her and new owners able to fully commit to supporting her going forward. We know she is cute and yes fluffy BUT she has needs and these must be considered before you apply. New owners will need to be around for most of the day, we will not re home her with full time workers as she will need additional support.

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Porg has been vaccinated and micro chipped and is up to date with flea and worming treatments. She will need to be neutered at the correct time as part of the Adoption Agreement (reduced cost neutering is available at our vets). Porg is currently being fostered in Portsmouth Hampshire.

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