Princess – 11 year old female Shih Tzu

Princess is an adorable 11 year old Shih Tzu who is in an Oldies Club foster home in Whitchurch, Shropshire waiting for her perfect new owner to offer her a restful retirement. Princess sometimes finds large dogs overwhelming but small, friendly ones are potential good pals. She’d be happy to live with one, after pleasant introductions. Princess is good with cats and can live with them in harmony. She’ll even eat side-by-side with one peacefully.

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Princess should be fine with children from age around 10, as long as she can retreat and rest when she needs to. Also, while she has a playful spirit, she can only play very gentle games (i.e. slow-and-stately-fetch). Being snuggled up beside you for a nap is Princess’ idea of Heaven! She does like a gentle ball game too (slowly, of course, and with a soft ball). She’s understandably nervy around small children. Amenable though she is, she doesn’t hold with their erratic movements and sudden noises. How’s a girl to sleep?!

Princess’ ideal home is a home with a nice, retired person or couple who want a constant companion and can keep an eye on the odd niggling health concern of hers.

Princess is spayed, microchipped, flea/worm treated and has had a dental. She’s had her first vaccination so far and will be fully vaccinated before adoption. Two complaints which she did have but don’t require further treatment are: an eye ulcer which has cleared up and itchy skin which caused some fur loss. The fur is growing back OK. Any itchiness now seems to be behavioural so, hopefully it’ll ease once she’s settled in her forever home. Lastly, her arthritis means she’s a bit restricted in what she can do, or at least, how fast she can do it. Bless her!

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