Raffles – 12-18 month old male Deerhound Cross

Raffles is a 12-18 month old male Deerhound Cross. Although Raffles is still hand shy I feel. She is ready to go to an experienced home that can work 1 to 1 with her and build on her trust with humans we’ve already established here. Raffles is no more than 18 months old in my opinion. She is a large breed possibly Deerhound cross neutered female. Raffles is a very sweet girl but she will need someone who accepts that she isnt a ‘cuddly’ dog and may never be a dog that wants to be stroked.

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Raffles is amazing with dogs and needs to be rehomed with another dog as she gets so much from being with other dogs and bonds with them almost instantly. Raffles is 99% clean indoors. She is crate trained and actually I feel she needs a crate provided that she can retreat to when things get a bit much for her as she needs the security of her own safe space. Raffles will tell you when she needs the toilet and goes instantly when she gets outside. Raffles walks beautifully. She really enjoys her walks and is interested in everything. She loves meeting dogs and watching her play is truly lovely.

As raffles is a nervous dog she is a flight risk and cannot (and may never) be let off lead. I’ve been taking her to an enclosed tennis court to let her play off lead with the other dogs which she loves. Raffles will choose now to sit close to me and even tolerates being touched but this isnt something she enjoys and makes her uncomfortable although this has improved a lot since shes been with us. Due to raffles nervous disposition I dont feel its in her interests to be homed with children. I will only consider applications from homes with children 16+ that I feel are dog savvy enough to understand Raffles needs her space and she wont feel harassed.

Raffles lives with my cat harmoniously and although she shows interest shes never barked or given chase. Raffles is okay to be left for short periods. She isnt quite aware of her own size and does bound about and knock stuff off side boards etc. Raffles has never been destructive here. She is fostered in the Coulsdon area.

Animal Adoption International

Animal Adoption International

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