Raymond – 8 month old male German Shepherd Dog

Raymond is an 8 month old male German Shepherd Dog. Raymond was born with a defect which caused him to regurgitate food if he ate anything but the smallest amount. Luckily for him a vet managed to do a corrective surgery which has been a success. He would only likely regurgitate now if he were to over eat. He has 3 meals per day and has been without incident since his recovery. He also had the misfortune to have a luxating patella, luckily the vet has repaired this too. Raymond shows no signs of ever being poorly. He loves his walks and he loves his food! Due to his past his diet and exercise will need to be monitored to ensure that he doesn’t overeat and that he isn’t over exercised. He will be able to live as a normal dog but he won’t be able to do agility/flyball etc.

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Luckily he has quite a light build for a shepherd which is a massive help to him. Due to his past he has spent a long time in a foster home. He is well socialised around dogs, people, and also lived with a cat. He was clean in his home as long as not left too long. Raymond has learnt the basics like sit, down, paw, stay, bed etc and being a bright boy he could learn much more. Raymond is a smashing dog who remains happy and playful despite his past. He really deserves to be in his loving forever home now. Come and meet lovely Raymond, you won’t be disappointed. Vaccinated, wormed, neutered, micro chipped and vet checked.

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