Rocco – 4 year old male Boxer

Rocco is a 4 year old Boxer boy, he is looking for a new home who can give him the time and attention he needs. He is a typical Boxer and is lively and boisterous, he would be best in a home with older kids as he is very excitable and has not lived with them in the past. He is very playful with other dogs but will chase cats! He hasn’t managed to cats one yet! He loves getting fussed, loves a bath but when visitors come over he gets too over excited and thinks they are visiting him. It is very hard to control him when this happens as he wont listen to anything he is being told so will need to learn some rules. Rocco will need time to settle into a new home and he will need someone around for most of the day as he will make his own fun if he gets bored when left alone!


Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue Liverpool
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Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue Liverpool

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