Rodney – 1-2 year old male West Highland White Terrier

Rodney is a 1-2 year old male West Highland White Terrier. Rodney has prosthetic back feet that need wrapping every day and sprayed with bitter spray to stop him chewing them. He is on normal food at this time but he has had crystals in his urine before which required a special diet to dissolve them. Although he is fine at the moment he may or may not develop more crystals in future in which case if he did he would need a special feed for a period of time to dissolve them.

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Rodney loves people and has a great bond with the child he lives with who is sensible and knows how to behave around dogs. However he is unsure of children who are not used to dogs so only confident dog savvy children please. Rodney can understandably be a bit touchy about his feet but when they are wrapped there are two of his foster family to do it and he is fine. He has daily massage all over to help and he loves it. He loves the vet as his fostermum is a vet nurse and he goes to work with her.

Rodney gets along very well with confident dogs but needs to be rehomed as an only dog. He is wary of submissive dogs and can be a bit of a bully. Rodney likes to play with the resident cat in his foster home. If there is a confident cat he’s fine but a quiet one he will try and chase. Rodney is crate trained and can be left for a couple of hours with a filled kong. If there is a remote control available he will chew it, also his collars and harnesses sometimes get the same treatment. Rodney can jump onto the sofa but when foster mum is around he will bark to be picked up to get his belly rubs. He loves to play with toys and always gets a reward when he gives a toy up. He is house trained.

Rodney has good recall off lead and also knows sit, leave and drop. He is pretty good on the lead, only pulling on the lead when he is excited to meet other dogs. He has had some clicker training to get his brain thinking and general training and socialisation needs to be continued. Rodney needs exercise and lots of mental stimulation as he doesn’t chew his feet when he’s had a decent walk and is mentally tired. About an hour a day is enough as he will get tired if he has more than that. He travels well in the car. Rodney will need a home willing to commit to his specialist needs. He will need yearly check ups in Surrey at approx £100 a year and his food is approx £40 a month. He will need daily exercise, massage and two members of his new family available for the daily wrapping of his feet. This would suit perhaps an active early retired couple or a family with older or dog savvy children that are not too busy.

Rodney is a real character considering all he’s been through in his young life. Until you meet him you cannot appreciate how wonderful he is. He loves his cwtches and lots of playtime and is very inquisitive. He will grumble at animals on the television and is a real livewire. He is a pleasure to look after.

Rodney is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with his flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet him in his foster home in South Wales.

If you are interested in adopting Rodney please read about our rehoming process and complete a Pre-Adoption form ( link here ) and one of our adoption coordinators will contact you for a chat.

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