Rolo – 1 year old male Cross-Breed

Please meet our beautiful Rolo. Rolo is a very handsome 1 year old Cross-Breed boy with a semi long haired coat (although he has recently had a hair cut). He is an unusual colour of grey and brown and everyone comments on it. Rolo is looking for a calm and friendly adult home where he can now enjoy life to the full. Rolo loves his walks and to play with another young dog and would absolutely love another young resident doggy companion to play with.

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Rolo is very well behaved out on his walks and has good re-call and never wanders far. He loves to play with another dog chase and rough and tumble, but he can also be independent and do his own thing. This is all good for Rolo as when he came to us he was a very frightened little boy. His foster mum has worked extremely hard on rehabilitating him and for ages he wouldn’t even respond to any names.

However, Rolo was the name he eventually chose and Rolo is what he responds to really well now. Rolo has come to trust his foster mum and is going from strength to strength every day. He has learnt to “sit” really quickly and “down” is the new addition. Rolo was even given the opportunity to express his intelligence when coming unexpectantly across a dog savvy cat in the lane and when realising it wasn’t going anywhere, was performing sit right in front of the cat over and over again. His foster mum was so impressed! This just underlined how far Rolo has come and how far he could go in the right hands. Rolo gets on well with other nonconfrontational dogs. Once he is introduced to them, he remembers them and loves to have a play or will respect them in turn. He is a submissive dog and has no food or toy possessiveness at all. He loves a tasty treat and this has gone a long way into some of his training needs. Rolo is an adorable boy and is very affectionate once he gets to know and trust you.

Please be aware of this that he will not rush up to you as an instant friend and lick you all over. Dogs who have had a hard life need to learn to trust you first. However, it does not take long and it is so much more rewarding when you help a dog overcome his fears and respond to you more than you will ever know. Rolo is one of these dogs and is really worth the time and patience where you build up that all important bond and then it is sacred. We have many of these dogs and they all just need a helping hand. Rolo is now ready for that next step, but needs someone who can continue and love and dedication, rules and boundaries and routine that he is having now. Rolo is becoming very affectionate every day and you can just see him relax in himself. Everyone is commenting on the fact he looks happy and is playing and he is responding to more and more tasks set for him. It would be wonderful now for Rolo to find his loving forever new home and settle down for good. He has been through so much in his first year, but he is now reliving his puppy hood that he missed and enjoying life like any young dog of his age should be.

Rolo is well behaved in the home and loves to play with his toys. He is crate trained as he feels secure and happy here as it is like a den to him. He sleeps well at night and can be left for periods of time with no problem at all. He does not have separation anxiety and will just sleep. Rolo travels well in the car and is not car sick. Rolo is looking for a home in a semi-rural/rural/outskirts of town area as he loves his lovely long walks over fields where he enjoys being off lead and running free. He still needs to be introduced to new situations where he may feel a little uncomfortable with, and this is being worked on and improved all the time with his foster mummy and every day there is a big improvement, so we know he will get there. Rolo just needs, time and confidence building and he will be a truly wonderful companion in the right home. For more information about Rolo please speak with his foster mum who is more than happy to chat about Rolo and to advise about training even after adoption.

Rolo can be homed with another suitable doggy companion and also dog savy cats with the right introductions. Rolo is neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated. Rolo is currently in foster in Roydon, Essex. We are looking to re-home him in or around this area or neighbouring counties as a home check will be done, although further afield may be possible for the right home.

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