Roly – 2 year old male Bulldog Cross

Roly is a big solid chunky boy 2 years old and came to us with very little training and high energy levels. He’s walking better on the lead now although he can initially be very excited when you first get him out. Roly eats very fast, is a bit scatty and very excitable but shows no aggression. He thinks everything is a game which can make him a handful due to his size, so not for a home with children under 13. He chases small furies so a home with no cats will be better.

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He responds well to correction but you really have to start as you mean to go on and be quite firm with him from the beginning. Give him an inch and he’ll take a mile. He is starting to show he wants more affection just lately and loves to stop for a fuss which is great to see in him. He has just recently gone into a foster home in Portsmouth and is already much improved benefiting from a lot of attention and exercise.


The foster home says:

“One week here and the change is remarkable, have to say after the first few days I had reservations as to how much work Roly really needed. I know they all take time to settle but the difference really is amazing. I’m so chuffed with him. He has calmed down immeasurably. He and my bitch have now made friends although his type of playing still gets a bit too much for her sometimes. He is now greeting people who come round calmly enough so without needing to go in the crate. I’ve changed him over to a canny collar and he is trying to get it off less than the dogmatic, bless him. Now he’s settled in I’m going to start doing lead work with him but to be fair he’s not as pulley now, he’s getting walked 3 times a day.”


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