Roly – 2-5 year old male Mastiff Cross

Roly is a young Mastiff cross boy. He appears to be a laid back, calm boy. Roly is very clean and quiet in his kennel. He loves going for walks and is a strong boy on the lead, he will need further training in this area. Update from our volunteer dog walkers: We met Roly for the first time and it is hard to understand why this lad has been overlooked for so long. We were told sadly that as he is a large Crossbreed he will not be on the top of most people’s list or even make that list so he waits for someone to fall in love with him and have to say i don’t think that would be hard to do.

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He does love going for walks and is strong on the lead, more at the beginning, but my husband had to hold him so he would need more training in this area. He enjoyed a fuss and was happy to interact with us even though we were strangers to him. He enjoyed a treat and knew basic commands. Roly just needs a chance to prove himself and i am sure he would repay a new owner ten fold.

Update from Roly’s kennel maid: Roly is a handsome chap and so loves his walks. He does get excited coming out of the kennels and can be strong but does settle down. He shows no interest in the other dogs when coming out of the kennels and passes them well when out walking. He lives well with his kennel mate and is very affectionate. If he is in the run he has been known to scale the fence so would definitely need at least a 6 foot one in the home, he may not look it but Roly is very agile.

Roly does not seem to have had much interest and he’s such a lovely lad. Being around the dogs for a few days a week you get to know them and their personalities. Roly has a great personality and is a clever boy, he is chilled around other dogs and have seen him have a game of tug with his girlfriend laugh.gif . Have been told that he is strong on the lead but sure with regular long walks he would thrive and make someone a very loyal companion

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