Ronnie – 2 year old male Cross-Breed

Ronnie was taken to the Radauti shelter by the dog catchers. It is not know if he had an owner before or whether he was a stray. Life on the streets in Romania is very harsh indeed for these dogs, starvation, torture, being beaten or even killed for money. Ronnie is a friendly boy who gets on well with the other dogs, which is just as well because he is a large pen with at least 50 other dogs, with only make shift shelters to sleep in and those shelters are out side in all weathers.


It is not known if Ronnie is ok with cats or children, so a cat or child free home would be advised, or a family with older children maybe teenage years would be better. Ronnie has been at the shelter for 2 years now, so he desperately needs a loving home. He will be fully vaccinated, neutered, chipped and have an EU pass port ready to travel.

Action Aid for Animals
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Action Aid for Animals