Rory – 3 year old male Chihuahua

Rory is a 3 year old Chihuahua who has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Rory is an adorable and loving little dog but he does need an understanding home. When Rory arrived, he was terrified and would avoid eye contact and hide. Within 48 hours he was sitting on our laps and enjoying cuddles (with myself and my 10 year old daughter). He also ignored our cat and made friends with our dogs (a Mastiff and a chihuahua cross) He was very happy sleeping in our beds and in our house but was very worried about the big wide world outside and would tremble and shake when on walks.

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Rory was re-homed after a few weeks with us to a lovely lady and her Bengal cat. All was well initially and he adored his new mum but after a few confrontations from the resident cat – Rory started barking at and chasing the cat as she walked into the room. As Rory’s walks continued in his new home – he began barking at other dogs and people. This is all based in fear but he needs direction and positive reinforcement – not punishment. As his love for his new mum increased – he became more protective of her and would growl and bark if people came near her in the home – which did result in him nipping a friend in the home.

The decision was made to return Rory to SEDR – and he settled back in immediately – ignoring our cat and sleeping on a bed with our two dogs. He will challenge our cat and our dogs over food so we feed separetely which is fine. In an ideal world, Rory would live with a single person who has no visitors and a big garden to play in so that walks are not essential – probably best no cats and he can live with other dogs as long as they are un reactive. He loves my daughter but careful consideration would need to be taken that if he lived with a child who he would love, how would he react to other visiting children?

Rory is a real lap dog who would love to relax the days away with someone older – but again his issues with visitors and on walks could be overwhelming – although an experienced person with love and patience could work through this. So this is Rory!!! A loving an loyal little chap who is an absolute joy to be around and no problem at all with us in our home – but he does have his issues on walks and with visitors.

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