Rose – 12 year old female Cross-Breed

Rose is an old female, she is small to medium in size and has short legs. Over 7 years ago she was spayed by the authorities and returned to the streets. Upon her return she was attacked by the other dogs in the area, and was then taken to the yard of a lady who fed her and made sure that she was safe. Rose has microphthalmia, and unfortunately as it was left untreated for many years there is no cure for her blindness She could not stay in the yard anymore so she is living with a rescuer as she could not survive life in a Public Shelter. Rose is extremely friendly, and although older apart from being a little over weight she is healthy. Is there someone out there who can offer a warm place for Rose in her twilight years?

****UPDATE**** Dear old Rose has recently arrived with her new foster family, here’s what her foster Mum has to say about her! Rose always aims to please and does so effortlessly because she is such a sweetheart and she is so grateful for any attention paid to her. Rose has made herself at home already and has learned to navigate the stairs leading out to the garden and goes outside whenever she needs a comfort break, in fact, she’s been clean and dry with no accidents at all since her arrival which is incredible for an older blind dog in new surroundings. Rose has quickly realised that life is going to be great for her now and one of her new furry foster siblings has already taken her under his wing although her other tiny foster brother is proving to be a tough nut to crack and is cocking a snook at poor Rose, he will surely succumb to her considerable charms given time! Rose has made herself another friend too with her foster kitty sibling and she enjoys interacting with him, so a kitty sibling in her forever home would probably be A okay with Rose.

Rose is exploring her new foster home gradually, at the moment she favours the garden and kitchen as it suits her needs perfectly and she is gaining confidence all the time. She hasn’t yet explored the hallway and lounge but her foster family are letting her go at her own pace and it’s very early days, but it’s fully expected Rose will soon be seen investigating these areas! Rose is enjoying her food as her slightly larger than ideal waistline shows, but this should improve once she settles, is more active and adjusts to a more suitable diet for her needs that her foster Mum is giving her. Rose’s foster Mum, sensibly, especially where new dogs are concerned, feeds her dogs separately to prevent any food aggression issues and so far none have been noted with Rose. Rose’s health appears to be good although she could do with losing some weight, this will come with time, a good diet which she’s getting and activity designed for her fitness and ability. She has recently had a slight eye infection however the vet is of the opinion it’s not serious and should clear up soon.

Rose is having eye drops for this condition. Rose’s foster family have quickly become attached to this lovely old dog, they say she’s a joy to have and she’s absolutely no bother at all as she’s clean, friendly, eager to please and has adapted to her blindness so well that she’s an inspiration and it just goes to show how much older special needs dogs can give and how very little they ask for. Anyone lucky enough to adopt Rose would be getting a very special dog indeed as Rose’s needs are very simple but she would dedicate the rest of her life and heart to making her very own family happy, which is priceless. Surely there’s someone out there who would love to see this beautiful Rose flourish in their house and garden….?

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