Rossi and Spice – 2-4 year old female and male Dobermanns

Rossi and Spice are two beautiful Dobermanns who are with us through no fault of their own, and who we hope to rehome together. They get along very well and are best friends. Rossi is 4 years old, Spice is 2 years old and has only ever known living with Rossi. They play somegr eat games and are truly magnificent to watch as they run and play together, each one knowing so well what the other way is going to do next. They are a ready-made pair and it would be tragic if we had to split them up. Spice in particular would be devastated, poor girl. They are both very affectionate, loving and gentle with you and we could have played with them all afternoon, they are an absolute joy to be with.

GREAT NEWS! This Dog Has Now Been Rehomed
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They will need an active home please, preferably rural or semi-rural, with lots of outside space for them to gallop about in. They are large dogs of course and your home, garden and vehicle will need to accommodate them comfortably. They will need human company for a lot of the day please, every day. They will want, and need, a couple of good walks a day please in the countryside or at the beach and will enjoy playing in the garden with you which will need to be securely enclosed for a dog please.

They have been neutered and spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. They can be rehomed outside of the county, subject to a successful homecheck. As they have both only lived with each other, we think it is best to rehome them where the status quo will remain. They can be rehomed with children aged 12+.

Please consider Rossi and Spice if you are looking for a well-bonded, beautiful pair of dogs who will bring you vast amounts of love, fun and definitely entertainment!

West Norfolk RSPCA Re-homing Centre
For further details regarding adopting a dog from West Norfolk RSPCA Re-homing Centre, please contact direct on or telephone 01553 618889.
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