Roxy – 10 year old female Yorkshire Terrier Cross

Roxy is a 10 year old female Yorkshire Terrier Cross. She is very affectionate and loving, confident and very active for her age (around 10 years). Wary of men and takes time to get to know people and trust them but will then wake you up with big slobbery kisses. She’d best suit an only pet home where she can be the centre of attention. She does chase cats, chickens etc and is fairly dominant over more submissive dogs. She is really a delightful girl and happy natured and full of beans!

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We have introduced her to as many different circumstances as possible – e.g. visiting houses, going to the shops, meeting friends with dogs etc. She is fine off the lead in the garden and field and is not at all interested in running off but just runs around happily (in search of cats !). However on the lead she does show some fear-aggression with other dogs and some men (especially those running towards her, with brief cases and sticks). She lunges at them and has nipped someone in the past that got too close. She is strong for her size and age and needs an experienced handler. Her first foster home worked really hard with her and would have kept her except she chased the cats there and was dominant with the old dog and it was not fair on her other animals to let Roxy rule the roost. She then went on a month’s trial period to the current owners and they loved her. She is great in the house and can be left alone for a several hours no problem. Unfortunately the current owner’s elderly mother is now ill and she has to fly abroad regularly to be with her. She is struggling to give Roxy the time and training she needs due to this.

The owner has asked if we can help find somewhere temporary for Roxy for when she is away (one week at start of September and a week in October) as does not feel a kennel environment would be good for her and we will continue with training or if someone felt they could offer Roxy a more stable solution, the owner is agreeable to this, although loves her dearly. She is very strong on the lead and would benefit from socialisation meetings and proper training. We are hoping to work with a behaviourist and resolve the issues but if anyone thinks they can offer Roxy a stable home where she can receive the training and help she needs, we would consider rehoming her elsewhere and the current adopter is in agreement with this.

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