Roxy – 4-5 year old female Jack Russell Terrier

Roxy is a delightful little girl who is a bundle of fun. All the while you are happy to play Roxy will keep bringing the ball or toy back to you. She is great with people and loves sensible older children who will play with her. She is clean in the house and travels well in the car. Roxy is looking for active new owners who enjoy walking and lots of playing. She does like to cuddle up next to you on the sofa of an evening and have a good watch of the TV, with strokes of course.

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Roxy is best suited to being re homed as an only dog, and no small furries she is a Terrier ! She will need new owners who are around for most of the day as this is what she is used to. Roxy has been neutered, vaccinated and chipped and is currently on foster in Basingstoke Hampshire.

Roxie has progressed so well in foster, she does need to wear a muzzle when out on a walk but has taken to it beautifully. She is happy to be around other dogs and play so long as she is wearing her muzzle. She is walking really well in the harness, no longer pulling on the lead unless of course she see’s a cat!

Roxie is perfectly house trained and sleeps all night. She loves having cuddles on your lap or just laying next to you on the sofa. She is not yappy at all. She does prefer to go out for a walk to do her business rather than in the garden. Roxie absolutely loves people and is great with children. The only things that I can see she needs is a little work on her recall, sometimes she comes when she’s called and sometimes iv wondered if she’s deaf, and her socialising is on going she is getting there though.

*Update April 2015*

When Roxie came to me she seemed so very quiet and such a sweet little thing. That has not changed at all. She adores people, especially children. When we walk around the school area she looks through the railings with her tail wagging trying to see the children. She loves to sit on your lap or sit next to you on the sofa. When visitors arrive at my house they are greeted from an excited Roxie and if they dare to sit down she likes to sit on their lap. She loves to play ball with anyone that will play with her and will play all day long if you let her. It’s safe to say she has a slight ball-obsession!!

She does have a problem with other dogs to start with and needs time to get used to them and for her to realise they are not going to hurt her. I have found that by muzzling her, it enables her to be around them and if she has a ball, this totally distracts her from anything else that is around her, other dogs have approached her, sniffed her and she does not bat an eyelid. She has weekly contact with two other dogs, both a lot larger than her and now I have removed the muzzle for the first time in our house with them present without any issues at all, and now when she is with my daughters border collie she isn’t muzzled at all. I am so pleased with her progress, this has taken time, but patience has paid off.

The same goes for being let off the lead while we are out walking or at the park, I could not let her off at first because I was not confident that she would not run off. When she first came to me we opened the front door and she bolted, I had to chase her to catch her, now I can open the door or go out the back gate to the garage and she stays by my side, again this took time and patience but it has paid off.

She will do pretty much anything for a treat, sit, roll over, paw, or play dead. I do believe she is very intelligent, just sometimes she hears me and sometimes she has selective hearing. She is not yappy at all. She is very loving, very loyal and very affectionate with anyone who wants to say hello to her. She is used to someone being around most of the time, but is absolutely fine when she is left on her own. With her sociable nature and her love of walking and playing she really would suit any family as long as no cats are around. She is just lovely with some unique bodily functions that always make us laugh. She’s an absolute sweetheart.

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