Roxy – 6 month old female Whippet Cross

Roxy is a 6 month old female Whippet Cross. She is only a pup, born in April this year. It is due to sad and unforeseen circumstances, that Roxy can no longer live with her family. They adored her and are absolutely heartbroken to give her up. Roxy has a wonderful temperament. She lived with children of 5, 9 and 12, and has mixed with many more. As a result she is excellent with children of all ages, but her excitable moments are probably too bouncy for the very young. She is very playful and loving to all. Roxy has fantastic social skills with other dogs and was a favoured regular at her local dog park, Where she interacted and played well with other dogs of all different breeds. Roxy is still very playful as most puppies are, and has a few mad moments when anything exciting happens, but soon calms down. She also travels very well.

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Roxy has been brautifuly looked after and her owners worked hard with her training. She is well behaved indoors, respects the stair gate, sits on command, as well as ‘give paw’. So far she walks reasonably well on a lead. Roxy is also able to walk off the lead in protected areas such as a country park or the beach where her recal is pretty good, though she is still essily distracted. She is quickly grasping the concept of ‘Stay’ command. She is very easy to teach having quickly become house trained. she is a very obedient dog and eager to please, so a joy to teach. Being a puppy Roxy has chewed an few items such as a oven glove. We have found that she is in need of toys to revert her from doing things like this. At night and when there is no one home, Roxy sleeps in a training crate. This provides comfort for her and also ensure that she says out of mischief.

Roxy would be a fabulous addition to a family, and would love a home with another dog or dogs to play with.

Note: Although we are happy to rehome Roxy to a family with children. It is important that ALL dogs should be supervised around children, and ALL children should be taught how to behave with and around dogs. Tail pulling, poking, sitiing on or climbing on dogs is NEVER acceptable behaviour.

Roxy is living the dream with Fionna at the Sanctuary near Kidwelly, South Wales, whilst she waits for her perfect family.

We will require you to complete our pre-adoption questionnaire before we can proceed. All applicants will be vetted, & will need to be able to travel to the Sanctuary near Kidwelly, South Wales.

Lizzies Barn Animal Sanctuary Carmarthenshire

Lizzies Barn Animal Sanctuary Carmarthenshire

For further details regarding available dogs from Lizzies Barn, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, please contact Fionna at or call 07976 538588 All potential homes will be vetted and a set donation is payable upon adoption. All dogs will have been assessed and vet checked and, unless advised otherwise, will have been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped etc prior to adoption. Potential adopters are expected to travel to Lizzies Barn to meet/collect their chosen dog.
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