Ruby – 1 year old female Border Collie Cross

Ruby is a 1 year old Border Collie cross girl who came into our care after the landlord at the properly where she lived would not let her owner keep her. Below is a write up from one of our volunteers who took Ruby home for the weekend to escape the kennel environment: ‘Ruby is a lovely girl and she does know her name. She is very nervous around new people in doors, however, she will greet people outside with no problems and with a serious tail wag.”

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She does have a sad look on her face like your going to tell her off. I think she may have been mislead into thinking some behaviour is acceptable, and then she gets confused when the rules all of a sudden change, there has been no consistency in her training at all. She is not house trained overnight, however, if she has access to the outdoors of a day she will go outside. She is a terrible car chaser and can escape from her harness and collar if she tugs hard enough.

If you do leave her outside in the garden she will bark to get your attention, and it gets quite loud. She will also bark in the living room when left alone. Barking at other dogs who bark at her is a nervous reaction because she is so unsure of new surroundings. She can play fetch and retrieves a squeaky bone, she also sits on command when she is getting ready for her morning walk. She is a very good eater, however, if there is human food available she will not eat dog food. She is not a snatcher of food and will watch while you eat yours. She is lovely and quiet when in the company of people and will sit on the sofa and fall asleep.

She needs a lot of training to get her to feel more happy, confident and less insecure in herself. She will make someone a fantastic family dog. Ruby is currently staying in kennels but is not doing well at all. She is very stressed and needs a home environment urgently.

Ruby has now been microchipped and fully vaccinated but cannot be spayed yet as she has just finished a season. However please note that this is COMPULSORY and anyone who wishes to adopt Ruby will have to sign a spay/neuter agreement and confirmation must be sent via the vet.

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