Ruby – 10 year old female English Cocker Spaniel

Ruby is an adorable 10 year old blue roan English Cocker Spaniel girl who came into the Oldies Club rescue because of her owners’ ill health. Ruby is in an Oldies Club foster home near Newark in Nottinghamshire, waiting for someone to offer her a permanent home. Ruby is a happy little girl and her bottom rarely stops wiggling. She adores having cuddles on your lap, so her new home must have lots of those on offer. She loves walks and is a playful girl too. She’s fine with dogs but doesn’t want to share cuddles, so might be happiest as an only dog. She lived with a cat in the past and could live with older children.

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Ruby needs ongoing cleaning of her ears, and drops in her eyes, so her new owner must be committed to giving her the love and care she deserves. Ruby loves to play a game which involves searching for bits of carrot you’ve hidden around the room! Ruby has met dogs on walks; she gives them a sniff and a waggle and then mostly ignores them. She seems OK with other dogs in the house so long as they don’t try to sit on her foster carer’s lap as she believes that belongs to her! As Ruby loves cuddles and attention so much, she might be happiest as a treasured only dog. We were told that Ruby used to live with a cat, although she will try to chase other cats out of the garden.

Ruby has met children on walks, plus a young visitor to her foster home, and she seems fine with them. We were told that she was used to older children at her previous home. We think she should be fine to live with sensible older children. Ruby seems very adaptable, but she certainly needs a home with lots of affection and cuddles on offer.

Ruby is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and has been wormed and flea-treated. When she came into Oldies Club care, Ruby had very sore eyes, ears and paws, and itchy skin, but with veterinary treatment and dedicated care by her fosterer, Ruby is so much better now. Ongoing, Ruby will need her ears cleaning once a week to prevent problems. Her lip folds will also need doing weekly – they are cleaned with dilute Hibiscrub, dried, and then Sudocrem applied. Also ongoing she needs two types of eye drops twice daily, for dry eyes – Optimmune and Lubrithal. She has had a dental.

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