Ruby – 2 year old female French Bulldog

Ruby is a 2 year old female French Bulldog. Ruby came into us to be re homed after loosing her sight and more recently having both her eyes removed. She is adapting well to life in a home and is looking for a really special home where she gets lots of attention and can cuddle up with her
New owners for a good part of the day. As she was not used to living in a home a few accidents should be expected, as she cannot see either it will take her a little time to map out where she has to go to find the toilet. Once she has settled she will happily make her way around.

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She would like to be homed with one other gentle dog who can help Ruby get about and be her eyes, The resident dog would be best of similar size and a calmer nature, Ruby can sometimes snap at other dog if they bump into her or startle her, there is no malice in her it is purely as she has not been aware they were approaching. Ruby also likes to guard her food from other dogs so is best fed separately, she is fine with humans though and there is no problem taking anything from her and she is not reactive at all.

Ruby is a special little girl who deserves a very special home where she will have lots of TLC and interaction with her human, she craves a cuddle and does like to bed share of a night. Human contact gives her confidence and most importantly security which enables her to fully relax and have a peaceful sleep, this really is important to Ruby and is a must for re homing. The loss of her sight is new and it will take her time to adjust, during this transition she will need help and support from her human. She is fine to be re homed with older teenagers who understand her issues, visiting smaller children would be fine so long as Ruby has her quiet space. She is a great little girl who has tragically lost her sight at such a young age, she needs support and guidance to help her adapt and overcome going forwards.

Ruby has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and is up to date with flea and worming treatment. She is currently on foster in Guildford Surrey.

*Update May 2018*

Ruby has been with us for some time now and for some reason always seems to be let down. She is an adorable girl who so deserves a place and a person to call her own. She is the sweetest girl who is happiest cuddled up with her human having a fuss. She enjoys her walks and loves to potter in the garden, a safe and secure garden is a must for this little lady. Ruby is a tiny Frenchie, very small girl.

She is fine to be re homed with older sensible children and really must be an inclusive member of the family. Ruby would like another resident dog as she does like to cuddle up with another if her humans are busy. Ruby travels well in the car and is clean and quiet, she is fine with birds and cats. Cats should be dog savvy though as she can on occasion have a good sniff to check them out, some cats may find this a little intrusive!

Ruby is fine with older sensible children as she could accidentally bang into small children due to not seeing. This little lady has adjusted so well to loosing her sight, she doesn’t need pity but she would love her forever home. It may take her a little while to settle initially as she learns to map her new surroundings, patience and understanding along with a little human help will make this transition as easy as possible for her. She may have a few accidents as she familiarises hersellf with her environment. In a little time she will have sorted herself.

Ruby is a great girl and will make a wonderful companion, her only want in life is lots of cuddles and company.

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