Rufus – 8 year old male Lakeland Terrier Cross

Please meet Regal Rufus! Rufus has one of the most heartbreaking stories we have had to deal with! Rufus is an 8 year old Lakeland Terrier cross who has been treated just about as bad as a dog can be. When his owners died, he was taken on by the extended family, only to be abandoned to the garden because he smelt. He has a terrible skin condition that has been torturing him for a very long time which has caused a severe eye infection rendering him practically blind!

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His ‘owners’ eventually took him to the vet to be put to sleep, but instead the vet provided care and he ended up making his way to us! Rufus was completely shut down emotionally and physically, he was just a mess. How any human being can inflict this kind of mental and physical pain on any animal just beggars belief, but yet we are seeing this time and time again and with alarming regularity. We took him in because he deserved a chance – a chance to sleep on a warm, comfortable bed, to get the medical care he needs, to receive a good diet, to feel loved and a gentle hand. But that is what we believe every animal deserves and if we had one wish, it would be that every person had the same attitude as we do.

Rufus has been to the vets on numerous occasions since he joined us on 20th April 2017, he had severe skin, ear and eye infections, his skin is now under control and the hair is slowly growing back and needs no further treatment, his ears are recovered although regular cleaning is recommended, sadly he now suffers with a condition called “dry eye” which will require eye drops for the rest of his life, he is used to this and will happily let the drops be applied. He is partially sighted and can see shadows, we have looked into all options and the only treatment is the daily drops however the sight is not going to recover, despite all of this however, Rufus is full of love for people!

We would like a quiet home for Rufus with someone that is around a lot of the time. He is fine to live with cats and could live with other dogs of a similar nature. He could live with children age 10 plus that will respect that he is visually impaired and not make him jump etc. Rufus is perfect in a crate and can be left for short periods without any issues. When you return however he is quite vocal as he is very excited to hear his human return!

Please ensure you have fully read and understood Rufus’s needs before applying. He is a very special dog to us and has quite a fan club so we must ensure he gets the correct, dedicated home that can provide everything he needs for the duration of his life!

Rufus cannot ever be let down by humans again! Rufus is neutered and microchipped, flead and wormed.

All Animals Rescue and Rehome Essex

All Animals Rescue and Rehome Essex

For further details regarding adopting a dog from All Animals Rescue and Rehome in Essex please email or call 07519 724073 from 9-5 PM. Please note, emails/applications etc are responded to as soon as possible, but this may be up to 4 days. All animals rescue and re-homing is a non kill rescue that will take any animal in need of rescue. All animals that come in will be fully vet checked, flead and wormed, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, also every animal will be fully assesed in a home environment for at least 3 weeks. All potential adopters will be asked to complete a questionnaire and an adoption fee from £175 applies.
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