Sammy – 5 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Sammy is now around five years old and has been with us since she was just over a year. She is a large crossbreed with German Shepherd in the mix. Sammy is in kennels in Norfolk (FR004). I am rewriting Sammys album because a lot can change in four years. This dog not only breaks my heart but she weighs me down with guilt that we have never found the right home for her in all this time. Nothing we have tried has worked so I am here to tell her story again and hope that this time it reaches the eyes of someone who will just give her that chance. I’m not going to cut a long story short or dilute it down because this is her truth and she deserves the best shot I can give her at someone reading the facts and caring enough to step up for her.

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We pick up Sammy’s story when she was under a year old. Living on the streets in an area renowned for poor treatment of its stray population. At that time the government had been given a lot of money from the EU to undertake a neuter and release program. This meant that dog catchers were employed throughout Romania to round up the street dogs and they were to be neutered and returned to the streets so that in time the street population would die out with no new life being created. This was a lovely but unrealistic approach because that EU money went into the pockets of corrupt powers that be on every level. What the politicians didn’t pocket was pocketed by vets who took the money but didn’t do the job. Many dogs were returned to the streets with either botched operations or with an eartag declaring them to be neutered when they most certainly were not!

In Sammy’s case she was unfortunate enough to fall into the hands of one of the many vets known commonly as ” the butchers”. Often these vets would perform the operations drunk. She was picked up, operated on and thrown back outside before she was even round from the anaesthetic. Many dogs died at this stage, they were vulnerable to attacks from other street dogs and medical complications caused by the poorly carried out ops. When Sammy was picked up by rescuers she was certainly days away from such a fate. The huge and unsightly wound they’d inflicted on her was badly infected and she was lucky to survive.

Our rescue knew nothing of Sammy at this stage. She was brought to the UK independently of us by someone who wanted to give her the life she deserved. Unfortunately Sammy’s past abuse meant she was too much for the home and her understandable distrust of men was proving unworkable in that environment. It was at this point we were asked to take her. Sammy was a real wild child when she arrived but she did well in her new environment. She had big issues over food but was manageable and hugely dedicated to me and my family. Unfortunately not long after her arrival there were big changes in our rescue and we were evicted from that property and had to move into a smaller one that just couldn’t cater for all of the dogs in our care.

A few of the larger dogs had to move into private boarding kennels and we hoped to rehome them from there. It’s simply never happened for Sammy and it’s not from the lack of effort put in we just have never reached anyone who fell in love with her and offered her a home. A few weeks into her stay at kennels Sammy came into season! Whatever op was carried out by that butcher certainly hasn’t prevented her producing future street dogs. A couple of months after her season we had her spayed properly and what they found when they opened her up was just inexplicable.

Sammy is not that wild child anymore. She is a loving and loyal dog that is always delighted to see me even though I haven’t lived with her for four years now. She always remembers me and my children even though I don’t get to visit her nearly as much as I’d like. She’s not miserable in kennels, everyone is kind to her there and it’s become “home” but this is never the intention of any rescue to see a dog’s life pass it by in a kennel environment. It’s always intended as a means to an end and I cannot tell you how much it would mean to all of us to finally see this girl in a loving home.

Sammy retains her fear of men. When I do get to take her out of kennels for a walk in the woods it’s always distressing to watch her face change when a man approaches. She will move herself a good distance away into the trees and then join me again when we’ve passed them on the path to check that I’m ok and that the bad men didn’t get me.

When we finally move into our own property again, which hopefully will be imminent, she will of course join us there. She will still be forced to live outside in a kennel though as she is very jealous of other dogs in the household and needs to be an only dog. She has lived with cats before and doesn’t see them as competition. She does need an experienced owner and I guess a woman on her own would be her ideal but she HAS gotten used to men at the kennels and is also absolutely fine with my adult son and my partner. I guess any man in the household just needs to respect what she’s been through and be prepared to prove to her that they will not abuse her like the men in her past did.

If you have read all this then I thank you at the very least for taking the time to at least learn her whole story. There are many dogs like Sammy all over the world that are not small, cute and fluffy. They do not come without baggage and they do not appeal to the average person looking to adopt a dog…… but EVERY dog deserves to love and be loved and there ARE people out there with the heart and compassion to take on a dog that nobody wants and to reach such a person for Sammy would mean the world to us.

Please share Sammy’s story……. because your share might just find her that elusive home.

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